Method of making semolina pudding.

Method of making semolina pudding.


Method of making semolina pudding.

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So today we will learn how to make semolina pudding.

It takes some time to make it. Nevertheless, we tell you how to make semolina halwa, first filter the semolina properly so that if there is any pebble then it will leave.

After filtering the semolina, lightly burn the gas and add the pan to the pan then add some ghee (any brand of ghee or homemade) then add the semolina and fry the semolina till then.

As long as it does not turn red well, keep in mind that until semolina is not red then do not put anything in it when the semolina becomes red well.
Then add 3-4 glasses of water to it and keep the wok going well.

When the water is soaked again, add 1-1.5 glasses of water in it and if you are a patient of sugar, do not add too much sugar in it and if you do not have any disease, then add about 4-5 tablespoons of sugar according to your taste.

Then cover the kadhai for 10 minutes till you take cashew nuts, almonds, raisins, garri, etc. to make the semolina halwa more delicious and grind them finely and keep in mind when cashew nuts, almonds, If you fine the poor, take care of your hand, your hand may also get hurt.

Method of making semolina pudding.

When everything is grinded well, then slowly lift the plate from the pan and keep going slowly so that your semolina does not burn, then the semolina turns red properly, then understand that your semolina pudding is made. Get out of the gas, then place it in a vessel.

In this way, your semolina halwa is prepared.

If you want to make your semolina halwa more beautiful, then place the semolina halwa in a vessel, then put the grinded cashews, almonds, raisins, guri all around the semolina halwa in a good way, so that your semolina is beautiful And it will look tasty and it will taste good to eat too ..  ..….

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