Potato Pea Vegetable.

Potato Pea Vegetable.

Hello friends, today we will learn how to make potato vegetable.


Method of preparing potato vegetable.

First of all, see how many people are making vegetables for you, if you are making potato vegetable for 5 people, then the method of making potato vegetable for 5 people

Finely chop the potatoes, then after peeling the peas and cutting the potatoes, mix them both.
Then take 1-2 onions, then cut it into small pieces, after this take 1 tomato, then cut it too, then peel the peas one by one.
Then take asafetida, chili as per your taste
After that, burn the gas and put the pan on a low flame on the gas, then add some oil to it.
Then add turmeric, coriander, dry sprigs, asafetida, cumin, salt and a little bit of everything according to taste.

Peas, take 3-4 tomatoes and chop them well then take 2-3 green chilies, cut them into small pieces, then take 1-2 onions, then mix the tomatoes, chillies together and then put them in the cooker.
Then mix it well then mix it well and
When the masala turns red, add potatoes to it and fry it well, then add 2 glasses of water to it and add peas peeled to it and close the cooker.

Then stayed till about 5 cities and when after 15 minutes your potato will be ready, then remove it from the gas. Then when the cooker opens, take out the potato vegetable from it and keep it in a pot. Then your potato vegetable will be ready.
Then to make your potato more delicious, put chopped green coriander on it and add a little butter, which will make your potato more tasty. In this way your potato vegetable will be prepared.

If you want to make your potato vegetable look beautiful and delicious –

Make a salad: To make a salad, cut one cucumber, two lemons, one onion, all of them together and then decorate them in a plate, which will be very nice.

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