Today’s recipe- Rajme’s Vegetable

Today’s recipe- Rajme’s Vegetable

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How to make Rajme’s Vegetable.

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So today we will learn how to make Rajme vegetable, so let’s make Rajme vegetable.

To make Rajme vegetable, firstly clean the kidney beans and then soak the kidney beans in a vessel overnight. And then after flying in the morning put the Rajme in a cooker to boil and when 4-5 cities come, then take the Rajma out of the cooker and keep it.

After that, if you start making rajma, first of all add some oil in the cooker, then after adding a little bit of turmeric, cumin, coriander, dry chilli, asafetida in the cooker, mix it well And then make salad, one cucumber, two lemons, one onion etc. are needed to make salad. You can also take other things according to your requirement.

Cut it all together and then decorate it in a plate so that it will be very nice to see. Also prepare all the ingredients that are available in chickpeas, such as tomatoes, onions.

Recipe Vegetable Recipe

Cut onion, coriander, green chilli, etc. into small pieces, then mix them in a mixer and grind them in the mixture, then add the chickpeas to the cooker and add the ground spices and then add 1-2 glasses of water and Close the cooker properly.

After about 5-6 cities, open the cooker properly and place the chickpeas in a vessel and in this way your chickpea vegetable will be ready.

If you want to make your royal vegetable more beautiful, then follow these methods for this-

To make salad, cut cucumber, lemon, onion, all together and then decorate it in a plate, which will be very nice to see.

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